The license plate recognition system - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) - can be applied to all of our products. Its operation is simple and automatic. A sensor detects the presence of a vehicle in movement, its image is captured and recorded, even at high speeds. The OCR system, which is integrated with the equipment, locates the license plate and interprets the alphanumeric characters, identifying their letters and numbers sequence. The collected data are processed and compared immediately with the vehicle register of the department of transportation. In this way it is possible to identify and apprehend vehicles sought by the police and vehicles with overdue road taxes and other debts, among other irregularities.

• Control and monitoring of the vehicle flow by category
• Location of vehicles sought by the police
• Identification of drivers with debts
• Control of vehicle access

• The system has a high rate of accuracy capturing images of legible plates during the day or night, even in adverse weather conditions.

• Generate a database of statistics that contribute for the road planning and control, generating report and detailed estimates of vehicles passing through the monitored area.

• The reliability and integrity of the process is guaranteed through the authentication of data since its origin, by an encoding known only by the equipment and central processing.