Your speed sign

The Your speed sign is designed to induce traffic on safe speeds at certain points of the roads. The purpose of the product is to inform the driver their speed and thus make it more conscious about the way it is traveling. As a result, there is a decrease in the average speed of vehicles that travel on site and increased security around.

Its operation is automatic and independent of the presence of traffic control staff. When the vehicle passes through the sensors installed on the pavement, the equipment calculates the speed (without issuing photographic record) and to inform it on the display.

• Monitors up to 2 lanes of traffic
• Does not perform infractions record
• Measuring range from1 km/h to 300 km/h

Studies have shown that traffic at lower speeds reduce the severity of lesions and the incidence of accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles. Only a small reduction in speed has a great effect on the survival of those involved:

The identification of the speed of vehicles monitored by Your Speed Sign occurs through detection by two inductive loop sensors, installed in the road pavement. When the loops are triggered by the presence of the vehicle, a microprocessor receives electrical signals and calculates its high accuracy rate and indicates in the display. A set of traffic lights informs the drivers and pedestrians of vehicle traffic condition.

• The best option for areas with large movement of pedestrians and cyclists (residential or school areas, industrial areas, around shopping malls, churches, hospitals, etc.).

• Low operating costs.

• Structure allows wide visibility even in low light.