OneCam monitors the toll evasion with a single smart camera, which has embedded software. It is able to monitor the passage of vehicles, detecting and recording images of the unauthorized crossing.

• Operating system embedded in the camera.
• High resolution image (2MP - 1920×1080pixels).
• Allows operation at temperatures from.
• The default capture is rear but it may include additional camera for front capture (pre-existing or not).
• Optional: automatic license plate reading.


In addition to OneCam, toll evasion detection can be added to all our fixed products.

OneCam receives the data from the preexisting toll plaza systems, which are typically inductive loops on the pavement, optical barriers, gate control, stop/follow signaling, among others, for the detection of all vehicles, and it can identifies whether or not he is authorized to pass.

Images of the vehicles identified as unauthorized (evasion) are automatically sent to the processing center and stored for later screening and processing of infractions.

Screening ensures that operational problems (such as errors in the automatic reading device) are not characterized as infractions, and may be automatically done, if the client provides the access of the equipment to the vehicle database query.

The last step is the processing of the infractions. The batches of generated images are sent to the traffic authority to carry out the validation and subsequent issuance of the violation notices.

The processing

• Vehicle detection technology is variable, depending on what is available locally and according to the customer preference, and it is possible to interpret signs of inductive loops, optical barriers and other technologies in the toll plazas.

• Monitors up to lanes with one camera.

• The camera can also operate with one illuminator (or two, in the case of simultaneous two-track monitoring) for night images.

• Up to two additional cameras can be installed per equipment, according to the needs of each customer.

• It is also possible to automatically read the vehicle license plate and to cross-reference with the toll plaza database, querying important data, such as the status of vehicles (prepaid tags/chip).