Electronic ticketing device

The Electronic ticketing device is a light, compact apparatus used to electronically register traffic infractions and offers greater safety, quality and agility in operations put into practice by the traffic agent.

It is simple to operate, possesses user-friendly programming and a large storage capacity. The device optimizes procedures and diminishes operational costs as it minimizes error possibilities when issuing fines and enables the electronic transfer of data to the processing center.

Optional component integration, such as the printer, digital camera and mobile phone, allows for a photographic register of offences, printing out of notifications and vehicle registration.

The Electronic ticketing device presents different configurations and components for online and offline solutions and offers the flexibility to customize software according to the client's needs.

The Electronic ticketing device makes traffic control more efficient and modern.

• The equipment is easily transported as it is light and compact.

• Uses an exclusive software to electronically register offences with the Windows Pocket PC operational system; - Its modular design allows for adapting to the client's different software and hardware needs.

• Identifies the operator using a login and password, thus controlling and securing all information.

• All filled-in data is double checked to avoid posterior alterations; - Guarantees greater agility in registering offences and reduces mistakes.

• Offers online and/or off line connection through the cell phone or wireless net, which allows simultaneous transfer of data from the NeoNote in operation to the processing center.

• Immediate consultation of the vehicle's data, using an online operation, allows verification of the vehicles situation as well as the identification of irregularities.

• Favors administrative execution of activities as the infraction information are electronically downloaded, avoiding posterior typing.

• The integration of optional accessories, such as the digital camera and printer, increases the operators' activities, as he can now photograph the offence and print the fine at the moment he sees it.